Iain McLaughlin

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James Bond

His name's Bond, James Bond

A Dirty Business

There are some characters that become part of your life without you really becoming aware of it. They're part of the social consciousness. I am immensely fortunate to have written for a number of them... Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Dennis the Menace, The Broons... and now I'm incredibly pleased to add James Bond, 007 himself, to the list. Licence Expired, The Unauthorised James Bond will be published in November 2015 in Canada where Bond has dropped out of copyright and into public domain. There's a real buzz in writing for a flawed hero like Bond. My story is currently titled A Dirty Business.

Writing Bond was an interesting challenge. There are so many iterations of the character that if you're not careful they can seep into the thought process when I'm typing away. I definitely tried hard to focus on Fleming's Bond and re-read a couple of Fleming novels before starting. I wanted anyone reading it to recognise this as the 007 of Fleming, not the film version, not John Gardner's Bond or Raymond Benson's. Bond has flaws, he has failings, he has his duty and he doesn't always like it. He doesn't always follow orders exactly to the letter either.