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About me

I am a professional writer, editor, producer and journalist who has worked for numerous companies across most mediums. I have worked on some of the biggest franchises in the UK, and I also work for small publishers.

I have written for many mediums - TV, radio, novels, comics, short stories and I have written for many genres - science fiction, crime, horror, comedy and romance among them.

I'm experienced in working with existing IPs, having worked on a number of franchised characters and shows like Doctor Who, James Bond, Dennis & Gnasher, Blake's 7, Up PompeiiWallace & Gromit and Sherlock Holmes. I have also written completely original works like the novel Movie Star and the ongoing radio mystery series, Kerides the Thinker, which I created and write with my occasional writing partner, Claire Bartlett.

I was editor of the Beano for a time, which was both challenging and huge fun. I edited Beano, BeanoMAX, Beano.com, the annual and worked on editing 104 scripts for the TV series, and was script consultant on the Fox Kids Beano radio series. Before that I was deputy editor of the Dandy for 5 years, which was (mostly) great fun. I also spent time on the Beezer and the Commando. I am currently Editor in Chief of Thebes Publishing, which means I edit some of the books, but mostly drink tea and eat biscuits (Chocolate Hobnobs, please) while other people do the hard work. Just don't tell anyone at Thebes that.

Clients include: BBC, ITV, Big Finish Productions, Red Kyte Productions, Imagination TheaterDC Thomson, CBBC, Obverse Books, Keyframe StudiosTelos Publishing, Spiteful Puppet, Candy Jar Publishing, BBVChinbeard PublishingWaverly Books, Badger Learning, Black & White Publishing and Scholastic.

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Big Finish Productions

They love stories at Big Finish. Doctor Who, Blake's 7, The Omega Factor, Space 1999 and a whole heap of other great shows.

Thebes Publishing

The place to find Erimem and reprinted classic novels.

Obverse Books

Home of the wonderful Black Archive and countless other fabulous titles.

Candy Jar Books

Home of the Lethbridge-Stewart and Lucy Wilson novels along with many other great titles.

Writing a book and seeing it published is quite a feeling. I remember vividly the buzz I got from holding a copy of my first book. Twenty books later I still get the same sense of excitement. These days, not every book goes through the traditional route of publishing and self-publishing is now a very respectable way of getting your book to the public. I am doing some editing for Tay Books, which helps people self-publish their books to the highest possible professional standards. Are you looking to get your book out there? Who knows? We might wind up working together.

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