Iain McLaughlin

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The Other Three Doctors

A Target for Tommy
Obverse Books short story collection

When we heard that our friend Tommy Donbavand was very ill we decided that we wanted to do something to help out. We decided to gather some pals and get them to contribute stories to what used to be called a 'fanthology' (isn't that a great word?) We're all fans of Tommy and we're all fans of a certain traveller in space and time...

This book is one that hopes to amuse and entertain but also to help out a little, too.

Happy times and places, everyone. And get better soon, Tommy!

A Target for Tommy was available over the summer and autumn of 2016 before being withdrawn.

The Other Three Doctors

My story in this most worthy anthology was The Other Three Doctors. When I was asked to submit something, what interested me was that I had far fewer restrictions than if this was a fully authorised anthology. Which Doctors could I use? Could I use the TV Doctors? Could I use the non-TV Doctors? The movie Dr Who? THe web Doctor? A parody Doctor? A novel Doctor? 

Could I cherry pick my way through all of these Doctors? There are lots of them. I mean, there are multiple Ninth Doctors for goodness sake... multiple Ninth Doctors? How would I get them all together? There are three (or more Ninth Doctors... so could I do a version of The Three Doctors with them? That would be Richard E Grant's Shalka Doctor, Rowan Atkinson's Fatal Death Doctor and Christopher Eccleston's telly Doctor. But did I want to use a TV Doctor alongside these others? Would he be more legit somehow than the rest? And what about Peter Cushing's Dr Who? So, I swapped Eccles for Cushing and those were my three main Doctors for the story, though Eccleston does appear.

But would I put them against Omega? Wouldn't that just be a dull retread of what had gone before? Dip into the books, play with a version of the Doctor or at least a character with extraordinary links to the Doctor and the old times of Gallifrey along with Rassilon and Omega... 

...and there we have The Other Three Doctors.

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