Iain McLaughlin

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Angel of Mercy

Thebes Publishing novella

“Something north of thirty men were chasing us. They were filthy. They looked wild... Wild like they had left civilisation behind.”

A trip into the near future takes Erimem, Andy and Helena to a newly built city in England where the rule of law has been set aside for the twin rules of gangs and ratings.

Everything in the city is observed by TV cameras, including the struggle by a woman named Angela, the city’s Angel of Mercy, to protect and feed the most vulnerable.

Erimem and her friends find themselves caught in the deadly ongoing conflict between Angela and a gang led by a man named Razor, a gang that is ready to kill anyone in their path... including the time travellers.


This was originally written as a subscriber only ebook but it was made available as a PoD book for folks who prefer their books in printed form... that includes me. 

This is a bit of a kick out at the banality and bovine nature of reality TV, which I think can bring out the worst in people. Talent shows broadcast footage of deluded people who can't sing... is that because they're good or just so that we can laugh and mock them? Big Brother exists in the hope that housemates will either fight or have sex... in general I find so-called reality TV nasty, unpleasant and voyeuristic. That's why this story exists.