Iain McLaughlin

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Thebes Publishing novella

‘The Lady Erimem landed her knees hard into the pirate’s chest. The blades flashed hard and true, back and forth across the pirate’s throat, ending his threat.’

Erimem travels centuries into the past in search of her friend, Andy, who is lost in a dangerous era of pirates and Highwaymen.

While Erimem, Helena and Ibrahim find themselves on a Caribbean island which comes under attack, Andy takes to the roads of England behind a mask before encountering the most deadly pirate terrorising the Caribbean...

As they all battle for survival, Andy is drawn into a far more unusual and surprising adventure...

Available from Thebes Publishing.

Other editions

Cover of the Hardback edition - a dual release with Prime Imperative.

Available from LULU.

Cover of the Large Print Edition.

Available from AMAZON.