Iain McLaughlin

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The Home of Heroes


Charlie Dayton was no soldier... but that didn't mean he didn't know how to fight. Living in New York in 1941, Charlie was hot-tempered and ready to join the war. The only problem was America wasn't. But that didn't stop Charlie from hopping on the next cargo ship to England - prepared to help out in any way he could.

But Charlie was only half-way across the Atlantic when the war caught up with him and so began...


Script by Iain McLaughlin

Art by Vincente Alcazar

Cover by Janek Matysiak


Fearing the Nazi’s grip on Germany in the 1930s, Lisa Fischer’s mother had no choice but to take her children and run away from her fanatical German diplomat husband. But in her escape she only managed to save her daughter…

Then, ten years later, in 1943, Lisa ‘Fisher’ joined the British Army. Specially trained as a spy, she was chosen to infiltrate German intelligence in the Channel Islands. But things got complicated when her S.S. father and brother were commissioned to uncover the spy…

Script by Iain McLaughlin 

Art by Rodriguez & Morhain

Cover by Ian Kennedy


After six long years of struggle, Germany finally surrendered in 1945. But for U-Boat Kriegsmarine Kapitan Heinrich Kessler, this was a cowardly betrayal of everything he believed in. He hid his submarine in South America, vowing never to surrender it to the enemy. Then, nearly twenty years later, Kessler had had enough. Germany was split in two. American and British culture was dominating. It was time to act.

So Kessler called his crew to arms and sailed his submarine straight for Cuba…

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Rodriguez & Morhain

Cover: Janek Matysiak


In early 1943, more than three long years into the war, both sides were desperate. Scientists everywhere were experimenting with weaponry and technology, hoping they might turn the tides of battle in their favour. Professor David Alexander was one such man.

Working at a military base off the coast of Canada in the North Atlantic, Alexander was recruiting men to help test a new prototype for something codenamed Project Habakkuk…

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Manuel Benet

Cover: Manuel Benet


With the scars of the Second World War still healing, it wasn’t long before Britain entered another conflict.

Alec Murray was serving in the Black Watch in Kenya during the Mau Mau Uprising – but it wasn’t the Rebels he fought there.

Injured and separated from their CO, Alec and his friends were taken in by a native village, themselves hounded by raiders profiteering from the war.

But, fighting alongside the villagers, Alec did not know what impact he would have on the people there, or how much they would impact him…

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Rezzonico

Cover: Ian Kennedy


Deafening engines rumbled over a small farmhouse in Norfolk. It was not the hum of a healthy plane, and the listeners below knew a crash landing would be imminent. What they didn’t know, and what they dreaded, was whether the aircraft was theirs… or Jerry’s.

But, the next morning, when the four young workers of the Women’s Land Army began their morning chores, they found the downed plane as saw who had been aboard it…

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Vicente Alcazar

Cover: Neil Roberts


Captain Tom Stewart was bleeding internally. Their Seahawk was downed in a sandstorm; the rotors chewed up and the radio dead. 

His only hope of staying alive long enough to reach the Coalition Forces was Navy Doctor Captain Jane Daly. 

But with Iraqi soldiers patrolling on land and in the air, that would not be an easy task — especially when Tom was used to giving orders, not taking them.

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Manuel Benet

Cover: Manuel Benet


It came out of nowhere, a glint of moonlight reflected in the dark night sky. The Luftwaffe pilot’s eyes frantically searched for his attacker in the murk of the evening, but it was invisible… a phantom.

Then it streaked across the clouds like a bat out of Hades, its guns blazing at the Messerschmitt 109. The German cried out his final words…

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Jaume Forns

Cover: Ian Kennedy


In the parched deserts of North Africa, water is the most precious resource and, for the Allied and Axis who fought there, it was the difference between life and death.

That’s why LRDG Captain Tommy Butler and Afrika Korps Hauptmann Arn Renner were willing to fight to the bitter end to claim an oasis — that is, until a third party entered the fray and Butler and Renner were forced to turn from enemies to allies.

But just how long would their alliance last?

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Pencils: Muller

Inks: Klacik

Cover: Janek Matysiak


What do a Lieutenant in the British Army, an East End criminal, a champion athlete, an Italian partisan, and an aged archaeologist all have in common?

They’re all on a mission to destroy the biggest Nazi fuel dump in the Mediterranean – which just happens to be inside a dormant volcano!

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Carlos Pino

Cover: Carlos Pino


Hiding in the thick snow, the Red Devil is watching.

In the battle-torn, bomb‑shelled carcass of Stalingrad, she stalks her prey.

Her sights aimed and her finger taut, she pulls the trigger…

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Vicente Alcazar

Cover: Graeme Neil Reid


In 1605, Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators crept into the cellars under Parliament with a plot to blow up the British government.

More than three hundred years later, in 1943, a group of German spies led by the fanatic Hauptmann Harald Stein had the same idea. Following Guy Fawkes’ example, their plan was to blow up Churchill and the British government. Their target: Westminster.

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Pencils: Rezzonico

Inks: Morhain

Cover: Neil Roberts


Sergeant Ronnie Malloy stood alone on the French pier looking out towards the sea. The beach was deserted bar the smoking husks of discarded British trucks. The lines of men desperate to clamber aboard the ships bound for Blighty were all gone and the place was silent except for the quiet ebb of the tide. In the distance, Ronnie watched the armada of little ships, chock-full of men, sail away to Britain, leaving him behind. He had been abandoned… one of the last men in Dunkirk.


Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Muller

Cover: Janek Matysiak 


By late 1918, Captain Daniel ‘Danny’ Weekes had been in the trenches for longer than he could remember. He could no longer recall all the faces of the men who had served with him or died under his command. He would do anything to put a stop to the fighting.

But with three brothers, a sister and his father fighting their own battles, who knew if Danny’s war was ending… or just beginning?

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Defeo & Morhain

Cover: Ian Kennedy


November 11th, 1918. Armistice.

The war was over… or so most thought, but some still held to the regime of battle, and kept a tight hold of their prisoners.

All the Weekes family wanted was to be together again, but Tommy lay far away on the other side of the shrapnel filled fields of No Man’s Land. It was all or nothing, and the Weekes family would do anything to get Tommy back!


Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Morhain & Defeo

Cover: Ian Kennedy


Christmas, 1944.

In the skies over a cold, wintry Germany, a squadron of Avro Lancasters forged onwards towards the city of Heilbronn. Their bellies were filled with bombs, ready to flatten the railway depot transporting the munitions that fuelled the Nazi war machine. But among the icy clouds and streaks of hail were hidden dangers… and the raid was just beginning.

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Paolo Ongaro

Cover: Janek Matysiak


Fast and agile, the Motor Torpedo Boats of the Royal Navy were feared in the seas around Britain. Determined to defend the coast, their ferocity under pressure caused them to be dubbed ‘Spitfires of the Sea.’

But that meant nothing to young Able Seaman John Dawes. He longed to be posted to a mighty destroyer rather than one of the ‘toy boats’. But Dawes would soon find out why these impressive little vessels were so feared.

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Morhain & Defeo

Cover: Janek Matysiak


Their homes were ash, their country invaded, their government in exile…

Two Polish farmers would trek, ride, and sail across the length of Europe if it meant getting even against the men who had torn their lives apart — and they just would.

They only had to find the battle to join it!

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Morhain & Defeo

Cover: Neil Roberts


Stefan and Grigor have trekked and sailed across Europe to join the war against the men who invaded their homeland. But when they finally reached France, those who opposed the German Army had either surrendered or were in retreat.

Stefan and Grigor didn’t need an army to get their revenge, they would find their own way to resist!

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Morhain & Defeo

Cover: Neil Roberts


The epic conclusion to one man’s journey across Europe to join the fight and finally get revenge against the Nazis in World War II.

Grigor, Stefan’s one connection to his home, and most loyal friend, is dead. He was shot down by the evil Gestapo agent Hans Keller. But who will get revenge first: the disfigured Keller or determined Stefan? Find out now!


Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Morhain & Defeo

Cover: Neil Roberts


The Great War saw some of the most progressive advances in technological warfare – and flying aces were at the height of it all!

Pierre Lafitte and Gustav Von Brunner are closely matched in skill, dexterity, and cunning – but when their mutual history stays Lafitte’s hand in an air duel, an opportunity to break the stalemate and discover the better man dramatically unfolds. There’s more to being a hero than flying and fighting. Sometimes it’s… A MATTER OF HONOUR

Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Khato

Cover: Keith Burns


In 1935 anti-Semitism became law in Germany, and Jakob Rosenbaum and his family quickly made their escape. Determined to find revenge for the loss of his homeland, he enlists with the British Army – but convincing his new allies that he can be trusted is no cakewalk. 

Trapped between enemy and Allied lines, Jakob must rise above it all to prove himself, but first he must discover what it means… TO WEAR THE UNIFORM


Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Klacik

Cover: Ian Kennedy


At the Dunkirk Evacuation, Sergeant Ronnie Malloy had saved the lives of two young privates – one a solid soldier, the other full of fear and doubt. Four years and two sets of stripes later, the trio are reunited in training for the greatest push towards the liberation of Europe: Operation Overlord. The young sappers may have a lot to work through, but whatever comes, Malloy will make sure they are the…FIRST MEN ASHORE


Story: Iain McLaughlin

Art: Muller & Klacik

Cover: Neil Roberts


I am ludicrously excited about this one.

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