Iain McLaughlin

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Doctor Who

He doesn't really need any explanation, does she?
As a long-time - make that VERY long-time - fan of Doctor Who, I'm enormously grateful to have had the chance to write some of the Doctor's adventures. It's a real buzz to have been part of such a rich history.

I've been fortunate enough to write for several Doctors and for many companions and in spin-off ranges.

The Eye of the Scorpion
No Place Like Home
The Veiled Leopard
Human Conflict

Blood And Hope

Short Stories
Graham Dilley Saves The World
The Time Lord's Tale
Far Away In A Manger
The Other Three Doctors
Cold Comfort
Splinter of Eternity

On The Shelf - the rejected stuff.
The Lone Warrior
A Stitch In Time
The Celestial Toymakers
The Last Power

Also in the Doctor Who universe but not actually featuring the Doctor himself...


Echoes (Into the Unknown)
A Bleak Midwinter (All I Want For Christmas)
Return of the Queen (story only)


Iris Wildthyme

Time Hunter

Wearing my designer hat, I designed the covers for:

Dr Who
Dr Who and the Daleks
Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150AD
Dr Who and the Ice Men from Mars
The Tenth Planet Invades the Moonbase
Dr Who and the Yeti Invasion of London
Dr Who - Journey into Time
Dr Who and the Auton Attack
Dr Who and the Curse of the Daemons

The Jewels of Cleopatra