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Time travelling Pharaoh

When I wrote the last scene of The Eye of the Scorpion, I really didn't expect it to go ahead as it was. Actually, I didn't expect it to go ahead at all. The script was being written on spec and I certainly didn't expect a character from a spec script to be picked up as a companion for the Doctor, My hope was that if she was to get her ride in the TARDIS I'd be able to pitch a story further down the line where she met a later Doctor. In fact I even had one worked out - Valley of the Dying Sun, in which she would get a visit from the Sixth Doctor, which would lead to an adventure in contemporary Egypt. But, when Gary Russell asked if I had objections to Big Finish keeping her around for a while... I was a very happy boy. Creating a companion for the Doctor, even by accident, is quite a buzz.

Listening to how other authors wrote for Erimem was always interesting. I was more fond of some takes on her than others but it was always fascinating when an Erimem play popped through the letterbox. I am occasionally asked what my favourite Erimem story is... no disrespect to anyone else but I loved The Church And The Crown.

It's worth mentioning that although Erimem's adventures with Big Finish stopped some years ago, she hasn't completely stopped her adventures. In February 2012, she appeared in Return of the Queen, episode 8 of Kerides, The Thinker, a series Claire and I write for Imagination Theater in Seattle. Writing that episode reminded me of how much I missed her. You do get very attached to your characters.

Have Erimem's adventures come to an end? Not a chance.

Since June 2015, Thebes Publishing have been producing a new series of novels, novellas and short story anthologies in which Erimem will set off on a new series of adventures in space and time with a new group of friends. Currently, the list of titles is:
The Last Pharaoh a novel by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett
The Beast of Stalingrad a novella by Iain McLaughlin
Angel of Mercy a novella by Julianne Todd, Claire Bartlett and Iain McLaughlin (subscriber bonus)
In Search of Doctor X by Beth Jones (free Christmas short story)
Into The Unknown an anthology
Prime Imperative a novella by Julianne Todd
Buccaneer a novella by Iain McLaughlin
All I Want for Christmas an anthology
Churchill's Castle a novella by Beth Jones
Three Faces of Helena a novel by Iain McLaughlin
Return of the Queen a novella by Claire Bartlett
The Egyptian Falcon a novella by Iain McLaughlin
The Death of Empire a novella by Beth Jones
The Way of the Bry'Hunee a novella by Tim Gambrell
Death on the Waves a novella by Iain McLaughlin
Absolution a novella by Rachel Blake
The Jewels of Cleopatra by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett
Sacrifice a novella by Beth Jones
Retribution a novella by Iain McLaughlin

A Pharaoh of Mars a novel by Jim Mortimore

More books are planned beyond those. We're also planning to have her meet some very interesting people. Who? Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it? We also have some very interesting plans to expand Erimem's adventures. Keep popping in to Thebes Publishing to see what's what - or subscribe to the newsletter over there.

Erimem also appeared in the short story Splinter of Eternity, written by me, in the charity anthology, Master Pieces, which pitted Erimem and her chums against the Doctor's best enemy, The Master. Okay, so it's not official but it was making money for a good cause and it let me create my own incarnation of the Master to face off with my favourite Pharaoh.

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