Iain McLaughlin

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Human Conflict

Big Finish audio

In The Churchill Years Volume Two

1941. The Prime Minister has much on his mind as London reels from the Blitz. When a daring mission to discover Nazi secrets bears unexpected results, Churchill heads north to retrieve technology that could win the war. But an old ally is set against his intent. Weary from his own people’s conflict, the Doctor knows that some weapons should never enter the field of human conflict.

I've admired Winston Churchill as a war-time leader for a long time. I'm less admiring of other part of his life but as a war-time leader, I admire a great deal (though not all) that he did. I'm fascinated by the challenges he faced and the decisions he had to make, so writing this play was hugely enjoyable.

The play is set in a number of places, from Denmark to the Scottish Islands by way of an office in Dundee that I used to work in.

From the News page...

March 13, 2017

It's always nice when a new project gets announced... especially when it's one that means a lot to me. 

I've written one of the stories in Big Finish's Doctor Who box-set The Churchill Years Volume 2, which will be available in February 2018. It looks like a cracking set of stories. You can see a bit more about them here at the Big Finish website.

My story, Human Conflict, is set in 1941 and has weapons, secrets and guilt all coming to the fore. If you're very good I'll tell you more about it closer to the time.

As for why it means a lot to me... obviously Doctor Who is my favourite TV show, but Churchill has been someone I have been fascinated with for years. It's not just his war-time leadership that interests me. He was the MP for my home town of Dundee for more than a decade and managed to fall out with more or less everybody there, including the local publisher... who I incidentally used to work for, and indeed still freelance for on occasion. So this feels quite personal for me and I had a hoot working on it, and I really enjoyed working with Script Editor Matt Fitton.

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