Iain McLaughlin

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So, usually I write fiction. That's what I do. Sometimes I do non-fiction books, too - and sometimes I am an actual proper journalist.

Pick yourself up off the floor. It's not that unlikely. I know some stuff, you know. 

My work has appeared in, among others:

The Times

The Metro

The Sunday Post

The Evening Telegraph

The Sun

Mostly, these days the serious articles I write are political pieces with a Scottish angle for a corporate intranet. 

How did this happen? Well, at DC Thomson they tend to encourage their editorial staff to be flexible and able to go from one type of journalism to another. Magazine journalists often wind up doing bits for newspapers. It is an incredible grounding in the business.

At DC Thomson, I did some journalism, and then, while I was working on the Dandy and the Beano, I wound up writing articles for non-Thomson papers. There's always media interest in the Beano and the Dandy, and I wound up writing articles about them for various papers. For instance, I did a piece for The Times about Dennis the Menace's guide to making snowballs - it must have been a really slow news day. Not how I expected to do it in my  youth when I dreamed of being Woodward or Bernstein but I have written for the Times. And the Metro, the Sun, the Sunday Post, the Telegraph - that's the Dundee Evening Telegraph but in Dundee it's just the Telegraph. Or "the Tully".

Having those papers on my CV opened some doors and gave me the chance to go after freelance work and I landed some.