Iain McLaughlin

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Lone Star Love Affair

Holly Millar

Romance novel, iD Publishing

Texan schoolteacher Emma Nixon finds her small town routine thrown into disarray when famous thriller writer James Campbell buys the ranch next to her house. 

But what brought the handsome author to Emma’s little town? Can he ever be content so far away from his previous life in Los Angeles? Could he ever find happiness with a small town schoolteacher or will the lure of the glamorous life in California always be too strong to resist? 

Emma finds out very quickly that love is the biggest adventure of all.

Written by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett under the pseudonym, Holly Millar

Available as an ebook from Amazon.

We wrote this as an experiment. We wanted to find out about ebook publishing and we also wanted to know... could we do a novel in this genre? Definitely a worthwhile experiment. In honesty, I think it's a lot of fun. Definitely an interesting voice to write in. I discovered with this book that sex scenes are incredibly embarrassing to write. 

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