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Doctor Who: The Audio Scripts Volume Two

Since 1999, Big Finish Productions have produced regular, fully-licensed ongoing audio adventures for the Doctor and his companions on CD. Each four-part story stars members of the original Doctor Who cast in brand-new adventures through time and space.

Presented in this book are the original scripts for four of Big Finish's most popular stories plus an essay by actress India Fisher, who plays Charley Pollard.

Representing the Fifth Doctor adventures, starring Peter Davison, comes The Eye of the Scorpion, written by Iain McLaughlin and featuring the first appearance of new TARDIS traveller Erimem.

Colin Baker featured as the Sixth Doctor in The One Doctor', the award-winning romp by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman.

From the Seventh Doctor run, with Sylvester McCoy, is Dust Breeding by Mike Tucker, featuring the return of an old and deadly enemy...

Rounding this collection off is Seasons of Fear, one of the most significant of the Eighth Doctor audio adventures featuring Paul McGann and penned by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox.

This collection also features a number of early storylines and other features!
The Heart of Frankenstein

Baron Frankenstein, the Mummy, Leonardo daVinci and Sherlock Holmes in four spine-chilling scripts written for radio.


“What am I? Am I God’s creature or Victor Frankenstein’s?”

Tormented by the sudden accidental death of his beautiful wife, Baron Victor Frankenstein challenges death and God in a desperate attempt to bring his wife back from the grave. But brutal killings soon follow Elizabeth’s rebirth. Is the woman who came back to him the same person she was before she died or has Victor Frankenstein created a monster?


“I am a living god. I do not apologise. My word is law, my thoughts are the forces that shape the world. I cannot make mistakes. I cannot be wrong. I cannot be defied.”


“Leonardo, nobody has heard of this village because, despite the fact that we are here, it does not seem to exist.”


“I fear, Mr Holmes, that the dead are walking in Brokenshore.”

Four radio script written for Imagination Theater by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett.

The History of the Beano

On the 30th of July 1938 a rainbow of colour emerged into the lives of children in bleak, pre-war Britain. The Beano was born. To celebrate its 70th year, and as a tribute to both yesterday's fans and today's enthusiasts, DC Thomson & Co. Ltd., and Waverley Books proudly present this lavishly illustrated history. Researched and written by DC Thomson staff writers, this account explains how the comic has evolved and innovated, examining the secret ingredients behind seven decades of success. Anarchic, anti-establishment and - above all else - funny, The Beano burst into life pioneering a new style of comic strip that combined graphics and text. Characters like Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger and Minnie the Minx were introduced to universal acclaim. Legendary writers and artists clocked on at what became known as 'The Fun Factory' to bring Britain s most-adored comic and characters, week after week, to generations of children. By the early 1950s The Beano had reached a weekly circulation of two million copies. Times may have changed since then but Dennis is still menacing, Roger is still dodging, and Minnie remains the definitive Minx.

I was one of the staff writers mentioned in the blurb, writing the chapter on the 1970s.


An unproduced screenplay

The Unofficial History of the Beano

I worked on the great comics the Beano and the Dandy for years... from 1985 to 2014. I even had a stint as editor on the Beano for about 5 months. This book is an unofficial history of the Beano, focusing mostly on the people who worked so hard to produce the comic and make generations of kids laugh. It should be out early in 2022.

Kerides The Thinker: The Collected Scripts, Volume One

Egypt, 276BC


Kerides, a penniless young Greek student arrives in Egypt’s capital city, Alexandria, seeking to pursue his studies. With the help, occasional hindrance and regular insults of former slave, Adrea, Kerides finds that murders and mysteries have a regular habit of interrupting his studies.


Together, they face merciless assassins,  brutal ancient cults, betrayal, an attack on Egypt itself and a marketplace fortune teller claiming to be the reincarnation of an uncrowned pharaoh… and the strange thing is, she seems to be telling the truth. They even manage to find time for a trip to the fabled Library of Alexandria, only to find that the librarian had been checked out for good.

These scripts are episodes 1-8 of the popular Imagination Theater radio series, Kerides The Thinker, and each script is accompanied by notes by the writers.


 The double-length Episode 8, Return of the Queen, features the uncrowned Pharaoh Erimem, companion of the Fifth Doctor, from the universe of Doctor Who.

The book is available from Amazon here.

Kerides The Thinker: The Collected Scripts, Volume Two 

Egypt 276BC

Kerides, a young Greek student lives in Egypt’s capital city, Alexandria, pursuing his studies. With the help of former slave, Adrea, Kerides finds that intrigue and mysteries have an unfortunately regular habit of interrupting his studies.

Kerides and Adrea also find their relationship changing and evolving into something  more than just companionship as they investigate murders, conspiracies, vicious ex-wives and the walking dead as well as delve into Adrea’s past to find the truth about the family she never knew...

...and then there’s the small matter of a wedding...

These scripts are episodes 9 - 15 of the popular  Imagination Theater radio series, Kerides The Thinker, and each script is accompanied by notes by the writers.

On the Shelf

To accompany the writing classes and workshops I give, this book contains scripts, outlines and plots which have never progressed beyond the page. I look at these ideas with the benefit of hindsight, look at what may have been wrong with them, discuss the reasons for their failure and discuss the changes I would make to them were I writing them now.

Behind the Masque

In life we wear a lot of masks…

and the truth is that we don’t just wear them in life…

Behind the Masque is a horror portmanteau play which has been performed on both radio and stage. 

The four stories all linked by the theme of a horror or a dark secret hiding behind a mask.

The scripts for both the original radio and theatrical versions of the play are contained in this volume.

This here book, Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who, was published in May 2018 by Kozmic Press. The anthology of essay on the Doctor's friends and companions is raising money for Furkids, Georgia’s largest animal rescue and no-kill shelter. I contributed a chapter on Erimem. You can find more details here.

This book, You on Target, is a series of essays and reminiscences about the series of Target novelisations, which were such a huge part of being a Doctor Who fan in the 1970s and 1980s. I loved these books back then and I still do. I learned to love reading from these and I still learn about writing from them. My piece of Doctor Who and the Space War goes into that and details the debt I owe to its author, Malcolm Hulke.

There are over 150 of the novelisations and they all get an essay, so there's plenty of reading and reminiscing here. 

You can pick the book up here.