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I've written a number of novels based in the DOCTOR WHO universe. A lot have been in the hugely enjoyable spin-off ranges from the main series. These spin-offs tend to focus on the Doctor's companions or monsters he's faced. They're usually a lot of fun to write for and I have a particular interest in the Erimem series, given that I created the character and edit the range. One of the things I really adore about Doctor Who is the way these spin-off novels (and the other spin-off media) expand the universe of Doctor Who. The spin-offs all have their own flavours, personalities and styles but they all expand the wider universe of Doctor Who. It's a wonderful universe to play in.


Thebes Publishing 2021

The final part of the forthcoming trilogy. This is going to let people see a side of Erimem we haven't seen for a while.


Thebes Publishing 2020

To escape the miseries of 2020, Erimem and her friends return to 1940, but are soon caught up with a movie director who has made a bad deal with the Mob...

Three hundred years earlier, a deal has been done which requires Erimem to go into battle...

And three thousand years before that, Erimem must return home to visit an old friend...

Erimem and her friends are sent through time and space on a quest for the Jewels of Cleopatra.


Thebes Publishing 2020

I didn't write this. It's the opening part of a trilogy, and I am writing Retribution, the final part of that trilogy, and I do have what I think is an undeserved credit in Absolution for 'from a story by', which was added at Rachel Blake's insistence. She is overly generous. I only gave her the roughest outline so we could make things gel through this little arc. This is her book, not mine.


Thebes Publishing 2019

Erimem and her friends board the liner Agamemnon for a Mediterranean cruise in 1934.

The other passengers all carry secrets and grudges, and very soon the first murder aboard ship is reported.

Erimem and her friends must discover the identity of the killer and save everyone aboard the Agamemnon.

If you think this title sounds a bit Agatha Christie... you're right. 


Thebes Publishing 2018

In 1940...

A Los Angeles Private Detective is hired to track down a missing artefact...

Four Europeans sneak into Los Angeles and immediately go into hiding...

A Hollywood director, desperate to find a new star for his movie, is attacked in an alley...

In 2018...

Erimem makes a discovery about the cheap Hollywood B-Movie Warrior Queen of the Nile which takes her with her friends to 1940 Hollywood and a battle to save the world from a family heirloom...


Thebes Publishing 2017

Another adventure featuring DOCTOR WHO's former companion, Erimem. 

In 276BC, a slave is beaten half to death by a demented princess... 

In 1884, a woman calls upon the legendary explorer Allan Quatermain seeking passage to a lost city... 

In 2419, the Inquisition exacts Holy Retribution upon a woman called The Abomination... The link between all three is Helena, the woman just days from marrying into Erimem's family in 2017. What is the link and how can Erimem save her family?


Candy Jar Books, 2016

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart has been remanded to Woodworms Scrubs Prison, and his team have no idea why. Secrecy surrounds his case, but his team barely have a chance to process anything before they are sent on a mission to Egypt.

Why does it seem like Lethbridge-Stewart is going out of his way to court trouble from the prison's most notorious inmates? And what does it have to do with well-known gangster Hugh Godfrey?

In the Ptolemaic Museum of Cairo, Anne Travers and her team are trying to uncover the mystery surrounding some very unusual stone statues.

One thing connects these events; the cargo transported by Colonel Pemberton and Captain Knight in August 1968.


Thebes Publishing 2016

‘The Lady Erimem landed her knees hard into the pirate’s chest. The blades flashed hard and true, back and forth across the pirate’s throat, ending his threat.’

Erimem travels centuries into the past in search of her friend, Andy, who is lost in a dangerous era of pirates and Highwaymen.

While Erimem, Helena and Ibrahim find themselves on a Caribbean island which comes under attack, Andy takes to the roads of England behind a mask before encountering the most deadly pirate terrorising the Caribbean...

As they all battle for survival, Andy is drawn into a far more unusual and surprising adventure...


Thebes Publishing, 2016

with Julianne Todd and 

Claire Bartlett

“Something north of thirty

men were chasing us. They

were filthy. They looked

wild... Wild like they had

left civilisation behind.”

A trip into the near future takes Erimem, Andy and Helena to a newly built city in England where the rule of law has been set aside for the twin rules of gangs and ratings.

Everything in the city is observed by TV cameras, including the struggle by a woman named Angela, the city’s Angel of Mercy, to protect and feed the most vulnerable.

Erimem and her friends find themselves caught in the deadly ongoing conflict between Angela and a gang led by a man named Razor, a gang that is ready to kill anyone in their path... including the time travellers.


Thebes Publishing, 2015

“You could see the flesh

hanging from its mouth

and it let loose this

terrible scream. It was

like we were looking at

the devil.”

Looking at her timeline, Erimem is intrigued by evidence that at some point in her life, she visits the Nazi-besieged city of Stalingrad in 1942. Against the advice of her friends, Erimem travels back through time to discover what happened in Russia during those terrible times in the war.

Erimem’s friends all have the same question - why is she suddenly so obsessed with visiting Stalingrad at this most brutal time?

With German forces relentlessly bombarding the city, the people are freezing and starving... and worse, there are stories of a demon or a beast, stalking the ruined streets of Stalingrad, devouring anyone it meets.

When Erimem arrives she finds a city under attack both from the invading German armies and from a dark force in the shadows. 


Thebes Publishing, 2015

with Claire Bartlett

“They need me alive...

I want them dead.”

After a freak electrical storm that seems to happen indoors, a young woman is found in the Egyptian  exhibit of a London museum, and she seems to look exactly like the face on the death-mask of the uncrowned Pharaoh Erimem…

What is she doing inside the exhibit? How did she get there? Is she really a Pharaoh from 1400BC? And just who is willing to search time and space to find and assassinate her?

Erimem and a group of 21st century students are sent far into the past, to Actium in Greece where Erimem meets the famed Cleopatra VII on the eve of a vital battle which could end Egypt’s existence as a free country and condemn it to life as a Roman province. Two great rulers of Egypt come into conflict over what Egypt needs to do in order to survive, and both Erimem and Cleopatra face their own personal battles for survival. 

Big Finish Productions, 2005

An extraordinary discovery in the Valley of the Kings leaves historians bemused and asking the question…

…Who was Erimem?

The only daughter of the great Pharaoh Amenhotep II, Princess Erimemushinteperem has lived a comfortable, privileged life safe in Pharaoh's luxurious palace in Thebes, surrounded by servants, slaves and friends. But her sixteenth year will bring Erimem and her brothers into contact with war, death, treachery, assassins and tragedy, and will lead her to a destiny she had never imagined… or wanted.


Telos Publishing, 2005

with Claire Bartlett

Echoes of the past... echoes of the future. Honoré Lechasseur can see the threads that bind the two together; however, when he and Emily Blandish find themselves outside the imposing tower-block headquarters of Dragon Industry, both can sense something is wrong. There are ghosts in the building, and images and echoes of all times pervade the structure. But what is behind this massive contradiction in time, and can Honoré and Emily figure it out before they become trapped themselves?

Part mystery, part detective story, part dark fantasy, part science fiction... original adventures in time and space.


Telos Publishing, 2004

The American Civil War... a time of great unrest, when fathers found themselves in conflict with their own sons and when lawlessness and slavery was rife. The Doctor, together with his companions Peri and Erimem, arrive in the middle of the conflict. The Doctor manages to cope in his own inimitable manner, but Peri -- an American -- and Erimem -- a dark-skinned Egyptian -- find themselves faced with all the bigotry and hatred that typified the war for some.

These are the books I've written that don't have anything to do with everybody's favourite Time Lord.

I write across a lot of genres from thrillers to horrors to romance to novels for children and for reluctant readers, all of which I find enjoyable and rewarding in their different ways. I really appreciate the chance to write in so many different styles and genres. That lets me experiment with formats and using different voices. I'm immensely lucky in that way. When I write romance, I now write under the pseudonym Holly Millar. 



November 22, 1963. 

Dallas, Texas. 

A motorcade drives along a wide Dallas street. A lone gunman sets his sights on the politician in the car... 

James Bond’s mission has led him to the United States where he works with the CIA to discover a conspiracy which reaches all the way around the world and may lead to billions of deaths. 

As the world lurches closer to nuclear armageddon, Bond crosses America from Dallas to New York to Miami, before a desperate return to Europe and an intrusion into a hostile Soviet Union to avoid another assassination. 

 Only James Bond can walk through the fire to save the world from burning....

Only available in Canada..


Badger Learning, 2019

Fifteen-year-old Cal Deane has a chance to make it as a professional footballer. To get there, he’ll have to cope with the loss of his mum and a group of racists.

For Cal, the battles off the pitch are far more challenging than any game of football.


DC Thomson, 2019

writing as HOLLY MILLAR

Alice Docherty left a plum job in Australia as a hotel manager to come to the old family pile… and pile it was! 

Undaunted, she took on the task of rebuilding Attwood Hall Hotel – and took on perfectionist architect, Sam Harris.

But somebody wants to come between Alice and her inheritance.


Badger Learning, 2019

Everybody knows you should avoid The Lane after dark. Strange things have happened there. But nobody believes those old stories now, do they?

Joe discovers that sometimes you really should listen to warnings...

Thebes Publishing 2018

The sudden death of his beloved wife drives Baron Victor Frankenstein to challenge the laws of man, nature and God in an attempt to push back the limits of death.

Soon, brutal murders are reported near Castle Frankenstein.

Has Baron Frankenstein really saved his wife or has he created a monster?

A new reimagining of the horror classic

A novelisation of the radio play I wrote with Claire Bartlett.


Thebes Publishing 2018

On a stormy night in 1924, a group gathers in a London museum for the latest fad, a spiritualist seance to summon the dead.

Lord Carlisle is using the event to conduct some unscrupulous business dealings, but there is some much older business that needs to be finished...

...and the dead who are summoned have been waiting a very long time...

A new version of the horror classic.

Based on the Imagination Theatre radio play.


Thebes Publishing 2018

A small English town with a dark history seeks help from famed consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. 

 The dead are not at rest in Brokenshore, their graves ripped open and the dead are seen walking. Locals fear a voodoo curse has been visited on their town. 

 Only Sherlock Holmes can solve the mystery plaguing the Cursed of Brokenshore.

Based on and adapted from a radio play I wrote with Claire Bartlett.


Big Finish Productions, 2018

When a series of mysterious deaths confound the local press, Tom feels compelled to investigate – despite explicit instructions from his superiors at Department 7 to stay well away. Perhaps his instincts have been clouded by his growing feelings for his colleague, Anne Reynolds, or his dislike for their boss, Roy Martindale, but as events start to spiral out of control, Tom realises he has seriously underestimated the powers that he is dealing with...

So here's a thing. I've written a novel based on The Omega Factor for Big Finish. It's called Spider's Web and the novel is set during the 1970s series. All I'm saying is that I've tried to make it feel like an episode of the show, and root it in that 1979 world. Beyond that... ask me later. And if you haven't seen The Omega Factor, go and find it on DVD and listen to Big Finish's audio revival which is also excellent.


Coming Spring 2021

A sequel to John Buchan's classic adventure novel The Thirty Nine Steps, sets in the final days of peace prior to the outbreak of World War Two.


Badger Learning, 2017

From the intro page of the book...

This diary belongs to Jacqueline Harrison Jax
(nobody calls me Jacqueline and lives)
P.S. If you are reading this and you are not me, you’re in trouble. I know who you are and I know where you live…


iD Books, 2017

writing as HOLLY MILLAR

A romantic novel.

Carrie Martin takes a temporary job as an administrator at a small parish church. She plans to stay for just a few months but finds herself more entranced by the job every day. The question is whether the real attraction is for the good work she's doing or for the handsome young vicar who enjoys flirting with her so much.

Badger Learning, 2017

Dear Diary...

Last Year was not the best of years for Claire Mason.

Claire Mason got a diary for Christmas. It should be filled with entries about her life at college as she prepares to sit exams. The pages should be crammed full of exciting happenings and future plans. Instead, Claire’s diary tells of a family illness, and the tough decisions it forces her to make.

Join Claire as she tells the story of her most difficult twelve months to date.


iD Books, 2016

writing as HOLLY MILLAR

Small town veterinarian Catherine Daly finds a dazed amnesiac on the road near her town. Mark Roma is gallant, brave and honest, an honourable man... but a man with a mysterious past.

As Mark’s story reveals that he has a much longer and more extraordinary life story than she could have imagined, Catherine finds this strong, gentle stranger taking her heart...

...but are they strong enough to save their hopes for a future together?


Badger Learning, 2016


Anyone who has ever felt like an outsider will really understand and appreciate Iain McLaughlin’s new title, The First Martian.

Lucas Wilson is the only person in his class, the only person in his school, the only person in the world, to have been born on Mars. His parents were astronauts sent on the first extended mission to Mars. Lucas was born there. His family had to wait ten years before they could come home as he wasn’t strong enough to make the journey.

Even after a couple of years back on Earth, he is clearly different to everyone else, he stands out. He has to wear a special suit in order to get around under Earth’s gravity. His two best friends are the only people who don’t treat him like an outsider.


A serial killer is stalking the southern states, and Dallas police pathologist Thomas Lees is haunted by nightmares of being the victim of these brutal murders. His nightmares lead him to a mysterious young woman who is somehow closely linked to the murders, and also leads him to a terrible and unbelievable truth...

...vampires are real...

...and they are on the move.

BAD BLOOD was created by DANIEL McGACHEY and myself.


Thebes Publishing 2013

Detective Jim Munro just pulled a case that could make a career. 

Or kill it. 

A woman found is murdered in LA. Her name was Chelsea Raines, she was a porn star and she was mutilated, cut to pieces while she was still alive. 

Investigating Chelsea’s broken dream of Hollywood fame leads Munro to the world of the porn industry, to brutal murder and to his only solid lead, a beautiful model named Alexa. 

Pressured by his superiors and city politics, the investigation could kill more than just Munro’s career.

Everybody comes to Hollywood...

not everybody survives.


iD Publishing, 2012


Texan schoolteacher Emma Nixon finds her small town routine thrown into disarray when famous thriller writer James Campbell buys the ranch next to her house. 

But what brought the handsome author to Emma’s little town? Can he ever be content so far away from his previous life in Los Angeles? Could he ever find happiness with a small town schoolteacher or will the lure of the glamorous life in California always be too strong to resist? 

Emma finds out very quickly that love is the biggest adventure of all.


Dates not yet finalised.


Winter 2021

The next in the series of horror novels in the style of 1960s and 1970s movies. This one is in the stylee of Edgar Allan Poe movie produced by Roger Corman... or at least influenced by them.

Not final cover.

Winter 2021

The second book in the series focuses on the mysterious Rebecca, and the secrets of her past.

BAD BLOOD was created by DANIEL McGACHEY and myself.

Not final cover.


Summer 2020

The first in a series of action thriller featuring Jane Temple.


Winter 2021

Hollywood, 1940

Private Eye Toni Connolly has pulled the most boring job at her father’s agency - a divorce job, photographing a couple airing their dirty linen in public. 

It’s a dull case... a dull case that leads to murder, a vicious local gang-boss and Toni fighting for her life and the lives of her family, even if it means leaving a trail of bodies.

Toni’s enemies soon find that she looks like an angel but she fights like the devil.



Spring 2022

Details to come