Iain McLaughlin

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Erimem: Return of the Queen

A Thebes Publishing novella

The Return of the Queen is sort of a novelisation of the episode of Kerides the Thinker radio series in which Erimem appeared. 

Kerides is a mystery series set in Alexandria in 276BC which was created and written by the immensely talented Claire Bartlett and myself. Usually episodes were half an hour long but special event episodes were stretched to an hour. The first of these hour long episodes was Return of the Queen.

There's a lot goes on in the hour long script - pitched battles, ships sinking, riding to the pyramids... but it's only half of the story. The radio play told us what Erimem's mind was doing while it occupied the soothsayer Carima's body. What we didn't deal with what what Carima did when she occupied Erimem's body in the Twenty First Century. 

To set the scene for this very sightly, the characters of Kerides and Adrea appear fleetingly in Three Faces of Helena.