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Sherlock Holmes

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I suppose like most people of my age, Basil Rathbone was my first Sherlock Holmes. I've seen countless iterations of Holmes since but Rathbone retains a special place in my heart. What does this have to do with my Holmes work? Not a lot, except that after finishing playing Holmes in movies he went on to play Holmes on radio, and that's where my first Holmes stories appeared, on radio for Imagination Theater.

The Cursed of Brokenshore

The Beast of Hyndford

The Mysterious Case

The Poltergeist of Buckley Street

The Seven Swords of Osiris


Sherlock Holmes: The Cursed of Brokenshore

I adapted the radio play I wrote with Claire into this short novel, which also has another radio play The Mysterious Case turned into a short story.

The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Part III: 1896-1929

The Sherlock Holmes short story I mentioned last week is in Volume 3 of... THIS! The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, There's a lovely article about it on the Radio Times site here. My story, The Hopkins Brothers Affair, was co-written with my usual partner in crime, Claire Bartlett.

The Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes: The Unfortunate Guest

This is an interesting one for me, writing from a perspective other than that of Dr Watson. My interest is in how others view Holmes and Watson, and how others perceive both men and their talents.