Iain McLaughlin

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The Omega Factor: Spider's Web

A Big Finish novel

From the back cover

When a series of mysterious deaths confound the local press, Tom feels compelled to investigate – despite explicit instructions from his superiors at Department 7 to stay well away. Perhaps his instincts have been clouded by his growing feelings for his colleague, Anne Reynolds, or his dislike for their boss, Roy Martindale, but as events start to spiral out of control, Tom realises he has seriously underestimated the powers that he is dealing with...

The Omega Factor is a show that only lasted one season but it made an impact while it was here. I watched it because... well, Louise Jameson. She was Leela in Doctor Who. That meant I had to watch it. This was an interesting, scary show. 

What I've tried to do with this novel is to write a story that could slot into the middle of that solitary season. Whether it's successful or not... get yourself a copy and find out.

If you haven't checked out Big Finish's revival audios I'd recommend them. They're really good.

The Omega Factor: Spider's Web is available as a hardback, an ebook and as an audiobook from Big Finish Productions.

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