Iain McLaughlin

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The Coming of the Queen

Big Finish novel

An extraordinary discovery in the Valley of the Kings leaves historians bemused and asking the question…
…Who was Erimem?
The only daughter of the great Pharaoh Amenhotep II, Princess Erimemushinteperem has lived a comfortable, privileged life safe in Pharaoh's luxurious palace in Thebes, surrounded by servants, slaves and friends. But her sixteenth year will bring Erimem and her brothers into contact with war, death, treachery, assassins and tragedy, and will lead her to a destiny she had never imagined… or wanted.

written by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett

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When we signed to write The Coming of the Queen the contract was, I think, for between 60,000 and 70,000 words. The first draft ran to 111,000 and the second draft, which should have shortened it, ran to 114,000. Claire did the final edit on the book, bringing it down to 83,000 words, which we got away with. 

In all the time we have written together, Claire and I have only had one big disagreement and it was about one scene she cut in the last draft. It was a scene between Erimem and her brother, Mentu. A little character moment with her sitting with a pool watching fish nibble at her toenails while they swapped moans and advice. I really wanted to keep it. Claire said it was just 'blah'. She won the argument in the end - but I still complain about it. She was right but I still complain...

Ten years after this novel was published, Claire and I wrote another Erimem novel, The Last Pharaoh, the first in a new series of adventures for Erimem set after her time with the Doctor.

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