Iain McLaughlin

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The Heart of Frankenstein

Imagination Theater radio play

"Am I God's creature now or the devil's? What am I?"

Unable to cope with the tragic death of his beautiful young wife, Baron Victor Frankenstein, challenges death and God by transplanting his wife's brain into another body. 

When brutal murders follow in her wake, he wonders if her soul was left behind when she was reborn and if he has created a monster.

written by Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett
directed by Larry Albert

First broadcast by Imagination Theater on 16 September 2007.

You can buy The Heart of Frankenstein here as a download from Imagination Theater.

This script was one of those collection and released as a script book by Thebes Publishing.


The sudden death of his beloved wife drives Baron Victor Frankenstein to challenge the laws of man, nature and God in an attempt to push back the limits of death.

Soon, brutal murders are reported near Castle Frankenstein.

Has Baron Frankenstein really saved his wife or has he created a monster?

A new reimagining of the horror classic

A novelisation of the radio play I wrote with Claire Bartlett.

Available from the publisher or from Amazon.


This script was something I'd had in mind for quite a while. I'd seen a lot of versions of Frankenstein but I was never really grabbed by his motivation. Making the subject his wife gave it an emotional grab for me. 

When we were writing it, we used Paul McGann's Byron-esque 8th Doctor as a rough idea of how we thought Victor Frankenstein would look. That's why there's a picture of him on the page - it's not a cock-up. Honest.

The part of the reborn Baroness was played by Lauren Cythia Tewes - who was Julie the cruise director for years on The Love Boat.

The first draft of the script ran almost two hours. Even after recording, the play needed cut significantly. It's a credit to Jim French and Larry Albert that their trims are so smooth I didn't notice them when I listened to the play.

This was the first of a set of Hammer-style horror plays we wrote for Imagination Theater. Curse of the Mummy was next.