Iain McLaughlin

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The Lane

A Badger Learning Young Adult novel

From the back page of the book...

Everybody knows you should avoid The Lane after dark. Strange things have happened there. But nobody believes those old stories now, do they?

Joe discovers that sometimes you really should listen to warnings...

Available from Badger Learning as part of the Papercuts II series.

One of the many things I like about working on Young Adult books for Badger Learning is that I can explore some fascinating themes. 

This book is based on those urban myths most towns have - a place you shouldn't go, a place steeped in legend and murky stories everybody knows and is scared of. 

In 1981 I went for a family holiday up to a house in the countryside outside of Alness in the Highlands. By the way, if you have never been to the Highlands, GO THERE! The Highlands are amazing. It's the most beautiful scenery in the world. You just wouldn't believe the richness of the colours and the brain-boggling vistas. Go - you'll find out why the Scots are a nation of poets.  Anyway, in 1981, we went on holiday for two weeks. The house was a couple of miles outside of town and three miles from a restaurant/bar. The way to this restaurant was along a rough track bordered on both sides by woods. During the day it was fascinating - you could see and hear the animals in there, but by dusk it had turned into something far more sinister. On the first Friday we were there I wandered along the lane to meet my folks after they had been to the restaurant. Scared the bejayzus out of me - but it always stuck with me. I dipped into those memories for this book.

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