Iain McLaughlin

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Three Faces of Helena

Thebes Publishing novel

In 276BC, a slave is beaten half to death by a demented princess...

In 1884, a woman calls upon the legendary explorer Allan Quatermain seeking passage to a lost city...

In 2419, the Inquisition exacts Holy Retribution upon a woman called The Abomination...

The link between all three is Helena, the woman just days from marrying into Erimem's family in 2017. What is the link and how can Erimem save her family?


One of the things I wanted to do when I started the Erimem books was to build the back stories of the various characters. Helena was one whose story was written and worked out before the first novel was plotted but this book is where we pay it off. There have been a lot of hints about what's going on with her. This is where all the answers are.

Tom's story will be resolved, and we'll delve more into Andy's life, too (particularly in Jim Mortimore's A Pharaoh of Mars), but for now, this is about tying up the loose ends we've been dangling about Helena.

When I was a lad, I read lots of classic adventure stories. My favourite writers of these yarns included Edgar Rice Burroughs and H Rider Haggard. In this book I took the chance to delve into the realm of Haggard's creations Allan Quatermain and Ayesha, She Who Must Be Obeyed. I had a ball with those in this book and I'm tempted to possibly think about writing an Allan Quatermain adventure at some point.

This book isn't the book it was intended to be. It should have been three novellas, of which I would have written one, with the others by two first time writers. Together, the three novellas would have explained Helena's life story. That didn't work out. There's a blog posting I've written over at Thebes Publishing's website which explains most of the dramas we had with this book.

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