Iain McLaughlin

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Time Hunter: Echoes

Telos novella by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett

Featuring Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish.

Echoes of the past ... echoes of the future. Honoré Lechasseur can see the threads that bind the two together, however when he and Emily Blandish find themselves outside the imposing tower-block headquarters of Dragon Industry, both can sense something is wrong.

There are ghosts in the building, and images and echoes of all times pervade the structure. But what is behind this massive contradiction in time, and can Honoré and Emily figure it out before they become trapped themselves?

Part mystery, part detective story, part dark fantasy, part science fiction... original adventures in time and space.

Echoes was released in paperback and deluxe hardback by Telos Publishing and is available there along with all the titles in the Time Hunter series.

Echoes was also released as an audiobook, read by Tracey Childs and is available, along with the set of Time Hunter audiobooks from Fantom Films.


This was the second books I wrote and the first I co-wrote with Claire Bartlett. Prior to this we had only written some scripts together. I think we were still finding our way of working together, but I also think that this isn't a bad first effort together. There are things that I think we would do differently now - for instance, I'm not sure that the bullet-pointed dialogue sections actually work nearly as well as I thought they did. The purpose of them was to emphasis the confusion of living in absolute darkness. I think the confusion worked just a bit too well and some folks got lost with them. If you did, I apologise profusely. They were my idea and I insisted they'd work. There's a possibility I naused that up.

The basis of the story came from a totally different tale I'd written and pitched to BBV as an audio. The original was set in an old country house and was a Stranger and Miss Brown adventure. There were also roles in it that would have suited Jon Pertwee, Mary Tamm and Frazer Hines. After long discussions with Claire absolutely nothing from that story stayed except for the concept of a creature in a building lifting people out of time. Its motivations, actions and background all changed completely. The location changed, the people lifted from time changed and our protagonists changed. It's a completely different story but it appeals to my mean soul that a story I'd worked on actually delivered a completely different story.

There are bits of the book some people complained about. In particular, Tess, the girl who had been a prostitute very early in life. She had visited a back street abortionist, which badly damaged her relationship with a woman who had lost all of her children in WW2. We were accused of pushing a hard-line catholic agenda with the story. I'm afraid that's nonsense. For one thing we're both atheists. We weren't pushing either side of the argument - we were showing that different situations make people react in different ways. However, it's worth pointing out that on the strength of this book, one reviewer called me the worst writer in Doctor Who fiction ever. I wear that badge with pride.

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