Iain McLaughlin

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Up Pompeii

A Spiteful Puppet Production

Frankie Howerd lives again... sort of...

Daniel McGachey and I have been mates for thirty years. We worked together in the comics department of DC Thomson for 25 years. We get on so well because we share a love of many bits pf culture... TV, theatre, film... and comedy. 

Dan and I have been working with the ridiculously talented Barnaby Eaton-Jones from Spiteful Puppet on a project that didn't actually happen (or hasn't happened yet) and from that we got talking about a possible replacement project... Up Pompeii

Frankie Howerd is one of the comedians Dan and I really admired. His stand-up work, his Carry Ons, and particularly Up Pompeii, which was full of the most delicious smut. Yes, it was dirty jokes and double entendres, but it was all delivered with Frankie Howerd's particular style. So when we got the chance to help turn Mile Tredinnick's Up Pompeii play (which he wrote for Frankie Howerd back in the 90s) into an audio play... we jumped at it.

David Benson's turn as Frankie Howerd as Lurcio is joyous. He manages to bring Frankie Howerd to life as well as Lurcio, giving both a dead-on impersonation of Howerd as well as a performance as both Howerd and Lurcio. He is absolutely on the money. The other performances are bang on as well. Frazer Hines is terrifically funny as Ludicrous Sextus, Camille Coduri is alluring as Voluptua , Cleo Rocos is bonkers as Suspenda and Madeline Smith is a delight as Ammonia. It's a great cast and they deliver their script with oomph. I'm enormously proud of being associated with this, and of having worked with my mate, Dan. It's also nice to have sort of written for Frankie Howerd and to have sort of worked with one of my heroes, Talbot Rothwell, writer of the original Up Pompeii and many great Carry On film scripts, some of whose gags are also in the the show. And all under the stewardship of our skipper Barnaby Eaton-Jones... a fine fellow indeed. This was a joy to work on, it really was.

Up Pompeii...

Lurcio in stereo